Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) traffic through LILRC has changed significantly over the last twenty years, which is evident by the 66% decline in numbers. When also considering the reduction in State support, the LILRC Board of Trustees, at its meeting on March 17, 2011, passed the following resolution:

“The LILRC Plan of Service will be amended to limit the scope of the ILL program to last resort, but this is not to affect medical interlibrary loan which is N.Y. State funded, effective May 27, 2011.”

New web-based resource sharing management software has been developed, enabling libraries to access sources directly. LILRC member libraries can directly access the holdings at the New York State Library, which was not possible twenty years ago. Under the present circumstances, LILRC can no longer justify the expense entailed by current ILL operations.

As a result, May 27, 2011 will be the last day that general interloans will be received and processed.

How to Request Medical Interlibrary Loans Through LILRC

LILRC will continue to process all medical-related interloans as currently supported by grants utilizing DOCLINE and the New York State Library. There is currently no limit to the number of requests made per/institution for medical-related loans.

The following forms may be used to request medical interloans:

Questions? Please contact LILRC at (631) 675-1570 or send an email to


How to Request Materials Through the New York State Library ILL System (NYSILL)

The State Library offers libraries located in New York free interlibrary loan services. Libraries can request through their systems or can make their requests directly. The State Library has a collection of over 20 million items, from medical journals to industry standards to federal documents. It lends books and supplies photocopies to New York State libraries free of charge.

For directions as to how to make NYSILL requests, click here. For questions regarding NYSILL, please contact the New York State Library by phone at (518) 474-5383.