Hospital Library Services Program

The Hospital Library Services Program (HLSP) was established in legislation in 1984 to improve the resources and services and of the medical and health sciences libraries in the region and to encourage the sharing of these resources.

The program provides consulting and support services to ten participating hospital libraries. Eligibility for participation in the Hospital Library Services Program is limited to libraries in not-for-profit hospitals.

The following services are provided to HLSP participants:

  • Consulting services of the Special Projects Librarian.
  • Free cooperative interlibrary loans through participation in local networks and via DOCLINE®, which is the National Library of Medicine’s automated interlibrary loan (ILL) request routing and referral system.
  • Participation in LILRC’s regional union list of serials.
  • Continuing education workshops for health sciences librarians.
  • Subsidized gift and exchange services to facilitate sharing duplicate and discarded materials.
  • Publication of LILRC HealthLine newsletter.
  • Participation in other LILRC programs, including: Research Loan Program, group purchasing of e-resources, Equipment Loan Program, Regional Digitization program, etc.

Medical Information Services Program (MISP)

The New York State Medical Information Services Program (MISP), as administered by LILRC, provides funds for the provision of medical and consumer health information services for all types of libraries and library systems.

MISP funds are used to subsidize payments for charges for medical interlibrary loans from Resource Libraries in the NN/LM and from the National Library of Medicine. LILRC libraries and library systems may use the MISP funds for:

You may search the National Network of Libraries of Medicine database, here.

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For additional information on MISP guidelines, please refer to the New York State Library MISP page.