Regional Technology and Media Committee


The Regional Technology and Media Committee is a standing committee of the Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC), composed of representatives from all types of libraries and library systems in the region.

The mission of the Regional Technology and Media Committee is to provide recommendations to LILRC and its Board in regards to the utilization of Regional Bibliographic Data Bases (RBDB) funds, to gather information and enhance communication while providing guidance to regional libraries in the acquisition of electronic content.

Additionally, we will continue to address how to best: deliver and utilize electronic content; deal with the challenges of licensing and distribution of multimedia content to the end user; and promote best practices within the library community.

As part of its Mission, the Committee will:

  • continually assess the technology needs of our constituents
  • investigate relevant emerging technologies
  • propose new technology initiatives in all types of libraries
  • encourage the use of the latest media technology
  • advocate that all Long Island libraries have equitable access to available technologies
  • educate library staff members on copyright related issues
  • provide and promote continuing education opportunities related to library technology
  • plan and coordinate an annual forum for Long Island libraries to exchange information on electronic content, media technology and their applications

Proposed: January 11, 2011
Adopted: January 20, 2011

Regional Technology and Media Committee

Min Liu, LILRC Representative

Rocco Cassano, East Meadow Public Library

Richard Delbango, Nassau Community College Library

Adele Fitzgerald, St. Joseph’s College, Callahan Library

Ted Gutmann, Emma S. Clark Memorial Library, Chair

Dana Haugh, Stony Brook University Libraries

Kelly Machin, Farmingdale State College, Greenley Library

James McHugh, Nassau Library System

Deborah Podolski, Farmingdale Public Library

Eduardo Rivera, New York Institute of Technology, Wisser Library

Carl Vitevitch, Eastern Suffolk BOCES SLS