Committee on Government Information


The Committee on Government Information is a standing committee of the Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC). Its purpose is to provide a forum for information librarians of Nassau and Suffolk Counties and, through cooperative activities, further the dissemination of information about, and the use of, government information.

The purpose can be accomplished by the following activities:

  1. To act as an informational body for Nassau and Suffolk County librarians about all aspects of government information activities both within and outside the region.
  2. To develop an ongoing program coordinating collection development of information from all levels of government.
  3. To maintain a directory of government information collections and librarians.
  4. To work with local government agencies and officials to achieve more consistent distribution and control of information generated by the state, counties, towns, villages, cities, and special districts.
  5. To develop a continuing education program for librarians on government information, using workshops, seminars, etc.
  6. To develop techniques for dissemination of government information to the user community.
  7. To monitor public policy trends and legislative developments in the area of government information at the various levels of government, to promote the interest of the library community, and to act in coalition with other professional bodies and user groups where appropriate.
  8. To monitor and evaluate technological initiatives as they affect the distribution of government information.

Adopted: September 13, 1984
First revision: July 14, 1999
Second revision: February 20, 2004

Committee Members

Jacqueline Perez, LILRC Representative

Virginia Carew, Chair, Levittown Public Library

Elaine Conner, Half Hollow Hills Community Library

Georgina Martorella, Hofstra University-Axinn Library

Claudia McGivney, Stony Brook University, Melville Memorial Library

Victor Oliva, Adelphi University Swirbul Library

Jean-Paul Vivian, Nassau County Supreme Court Library